Membership fee

BC Schrobbelaar is a student club and is partly subsidized by the University of Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit. Therefore, we can make a great deal with respect to the contribution.
The contribution for members who played competition started from €175,- for the season 2016-2017. This includes practice once a week and playing games at USC. The board determines this every start of the season, depending on which level you play. Besides the contribution, USC asks a small fee for the entrance to the USC. All members are obliged to buy a season membership at the counter of the USC. This fee provides you entrance to the Basketball USC training of BC Schrobbelaar. For 2016-2017, this was €38,50 for students.


All new members are obliged to buy new BC Schrobbelaar jersey and shorts.



If you want to deregister, you can send an e-mail to, and fill in the deregistration form! Please read our house rules carefully when you want to deregister.


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